test-drb April 2003

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RXV21 question
by ssj152@charter.net
21 years

IF/65 Developement System II
by dwightk.elvey@amd.com
21 years

HP9885 8" floppy unit
by Innfogra@aol.com
21 years

Apollo Domain, Aegis, etc
by tothwolf@concentric.net
21 years

breathing life into old chips
by julesrichardsonuk@yahoo.co.uk
21 years

IBM 5161
by cb@mythtech.net
21 years

DF32x4 questions; software needed
by djg@drs-esg.com
21 years

Thanks for the welcome
by tradde@excite.com
21 years

Interesting 8/L problem (more than you want to know about switching transistors)
by charlesmorris@direcway.com
21 years

New Finds & question
by quapla@xs4all.nl
21 years
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