test-drb March 2016

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Anyone in the PNW Going to VCFwest this August?
by ball.of.john@gmail.com
8 years, 3 months

VCF Southeast + East details updated
by cctalk@snarc.net
8 years, 3 months

Request for TU58 tapes (DECtape II)
by malcolm@avitech.com.au
8 years, 3 months

DEC H7104-D power supply tips?
by derschjo@gmail.com
8 years, 3 months

A gold mine for anybody in Austin...
by r3trohub@gmail.com
8 years, 3 months

Free: DEC 19 Inch Rack and Kennedy Tri-Density 9-Track Drive in Exeter, NH, USA
by mardy@me.com
8 years, 3 months

anyone have a working RV-20 or RV-64?
by aek@bitsavers.org
8 years, 3 months

PDP-8/a parts, 8 inch CDC floppy drives, 5.25 inch FH Tandon drives, TI SilentWriter, DECprinter I, LA30
by mattislind@gmail.com
8 years, 3 months

PDP 8A for sale
by sellam@vintagetech.com
8 years, 4 months

ACE Key codes (xx2247 etc.)
by jwest@classiccmp.org
8 years, 4 months
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