Microcomputing nostalgia & cctalk

Murray McCullough c.murray.mccullough at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 18:39:06 CDT 2021

  Nostalgia is great for aging baby-boomers as me. Back in 1978 I along
with a friend bought a Heathkit H1 and spent many leisure hours
constructing it and getting it to boot up! By 1984 I moved on to the Coleco
ADAM and learned BASIC(Well more accurately APPLE Basic) spending too much
time on it rather than on my PhD studies. Trying to write my dissertation
using Writer was a challenge as was getting it to print on the included
daisy-wheel printer – all that clacking. Noise! Noise! as the Grinch says.  But
I did get my doctorate but had to go to S. Korea and Univ. of
Education(TESOL program) to use it.

  Microsoft’s monopoly began in the earliest days of microcomputing. Read
Gate’s letter to programmers /hobbyists to see how a monopolist thinks.
Linux has come along and poked Microsoft in the eye but hasn’t done too
much damage according to this writer. As written here a nostalgia for the
early years may be what we classic computer-philes find so compelling in
cctalk. And to be honest I’ll move to WIN 11 because the choice(s) are
somewhat limited.

Happy computing.

Murray 🙂

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