SIMH KL10 usage guide? Hints? and

Bob Smith bobsmithofd at
Thu Sep 30 11:48:19 CDT 2021

I am hoping someone here knows Richard Cornwell, driving force behind
KL10B SimH and associated forks.

Not sure how to raise the issue of simulated RP07 drives size not
matching RPO7 and looking like RPO6.
Also trying to figure out how to set switches as in other KA/KL sims.
I can't seem to find a means of doing that in RC's KL.
Is there a usage template? I have found the docs that describe it and
tte config but the questions above are not evident in my reading, does
not mean the data is not there, just I have not found the clue path.

thanks for any help or pointers!
bad bob

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