More cleaning out the Bob basement

Mike Katz bitwiz at
Sun Sep 19 16:13:44 CDT 2021

I'm sorry if I made a bad joke.  Please understand this was all tongue 
in cheek.

As for plans, I had a massive heart attack in June and nearly died.   8 
stents and a pacemaker later I am alive and kicking.

My suggestion's are:

Make a will.
Put all of your real estate and investments in a trust with you and your 
wife (and possibly your next of kin) to avoid inheritance tax (I am no 
lawyer, so contact a lawyer on how to do this)
Make sure there is a list of all bank account and credit card numbers 
some where where both of you can access it (a safety deposit box or home 
safe comes to mind).
I would suggest that all of your passwords are kept in a password 
manager that both of you have access to or encrypted somewhere with a 
password you both know.
In case you both were to die together, make sure your next of kin knows 
how to find or access the above information.
If you have special requests for disposition of your property after you 
die, state it in your will or make a list and put it in the safety 
deposit box mentioned above.

These are some of the things my wonderful wife and I did after my heat 

Please forgive the morbid nature of this but my perspective has changed 
since the heart attack.

On 9/19/2021 3:57 PM, Josh Dersch via cctalk wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 1:39 PM Chris Zach via cctalk <cctalk at>
> wrote:
>> On 9/18/2021 10:04 PM, Toby Thain via cctalk wrote:
>> No problem with stopping the stupid wife stuff, but this is an important
>> issue: Cleaning out basement hoards like this is *NOT* easy, and if you
>> have one make plans now for when you die. It can happen sooner than you
>> think due to accident/whatnot.
>> On the positive side this is a bit of a time capsule and we *did* get
>> all the Perq software and documentation out on the tapes. That was a
>> serious win apparently.
> I'm still working through the tapes and I've had decent success with them,
> however if I may add to Chris's suggestions: don't leave tapes in a damp
> basement for 20+ years, it makes them difficult to read.  All the more
> frustrating when they contain what may be the only surviving copy of
> various bits of software for an obscure workstation :).
> - Josh

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