OK, one more question about sending email TO an old VAX

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 12:09:10 CST 2016

On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 12:43 PM, Jon Elson <elson at pico-systems.com> wrote:

> On 02/24/2016 10:48 PM, Richard Loken wrote:
>>  the gods have decreed that we will be on Office365
>> by the end of March
> They moved us to this at work last year, it is so awful I can't believe it!
> The web portal takes minutes to bring up a page, and the interface is so
> ghastly, I could not learn how to use it.
> I use the IMAP interface to it, and store everything that it lets me
> locally with Thunderbird, but it is STILL really slow and unreliable.
> First thing every day, I open Thunderbird, and it takes about 5 MINUTES to
> download the 5 or so messages that I have. Sending a single mail message
> never takes less than 30 seconds, and often stalls for minutes.  It IS
> working better than right after the changeover, but I can't believe most
> users aren't up to the torches and pitchforks stage.  Thank GOD I don't
> have to deal with this abomination from home.
> Jon


Having done an Office 365 implementation, there must be something wrong.
It should never take that long to synch your emails each day.  that's the
whole point of it.  May be a DNS issue.  I would only even make this guess
having gone through the DNS and install parts for a customer of mine about
four months ago.  If it's not DNS, then they have a setting to send
everything every time which is wrong.  It should only need to synch up

Maybe they have security reasons to synch everything but that seems dumb

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