Datum Front Panels

wrcooke at wrcooke.net wrcooke at wrcooke.net
Wed Jan 26 08:16:14 CST 2022

Some years ago I was on a mission to rack mount all my computer and test equipment.  I found three front panels at a hamfest that I planned to use.  I never did anything with them but still have them.  These are from Datum systems, but they appear to be rather hard to find much information on.  

The short story is, if anyone needs them for something, let me know.  I would hate to do away with them if someone needs them.  Two of the panels are marked:
Datum, inc Rotating Drum Memory 6008
Datum, inc Data Acquisition System 120

The last isn't marked.
A picture is here:

I will likely be moving in a few months and these are on the "get rid of" list.


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