Old Micro Memory core board

Gary Oliver go at ao-cs.com
Tue Jan 25 18:18:12 CST 2022

Going through an old junk pile, I came across a couple of core boards:

Micro Memory, Inc.

PN 90360 8K*8 (MM-6800)  Date code 7725

I have two boards (s/n 202 and 203) so likely purchased in pairs.

Anyone have any information on these?  They have 86 pin connectors so 
not S-100 though connector is about the same size.

For years, these have sit on a shelf on my 'round tuit' list of bringing 
them up in one of my old S-100 boxes, so I've been cruising along 
thinking these were 100 pin connectors.  I got them out today so I could 
find the manual (I have used the MMI s-100 8kx8 boards in an old company 
project back in 1977 and those were about the same size and form.)  The 
core board is a daughter board on top of the board with the bus 
connector and is likely the same module from the S-100 board.  I'm 
guessing the 86 pin bus is a Motorola Exorciser bus - so I can probable 
figure it out from there, but I would like to find a manual.

I think my company had an Exorciser development system in the late 70s.  
These were obtained from a dumpster dive.  Pity I didn't get the rest of 
the box, if so.

As usual, google wasn't extremely helpful with old pedestrian hardware 


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