Apple cube cleaning

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Nov 19 09:55:47 CST 2021

    > rom: Paul Koning

    > WD-40 is a good solvent to use for adhesives stuck to plastic. It's
    > unlikely to hurt the plastic but it will soften the glue.

My go-to solvent for non-ionized glue residues (use water for ionized) on all
sorts of materials has been, for many years, mineral spirits (US name; 'white
spirit', in the UK):

It scores highly on both i) 'doesn't harm underlying material' and ii) 'softens residues'
axes. (I've mostly used it on books, to remove stickers, but my experience should
transfer to use on computers.)

    > As always, check on a hidden part of the case to make sure the
    > particular plastic doesn't object to the stuff you're using.

Sage, and important, advice for _any_ removal method.


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