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  > Brasso, T-Cut, or similar come in useful if you manage to scratch it 
> Test your technique on some matching scrap plastic first before moving on to
> the case. You say "polycarbonate" but Wikipedia says "acrylic", and these
> have quite different mechanical properties so you should verify which
> plastic the case is actually made from. Maybe the resin code will tell you,
> but I suspect it'll just say 7 (other).

>From all I have been dig up on it, its polycarbonat that was used for the 
outer casing, going on that it seems wd-40 would be a no go.

I ended up tested with ethanol on the buttom feets, seing no ill effect after some 
time, I tested it on the glue and I started to see miscolouring of the 
papertowle, the glue was comming off.

> If all else fails, style it out by sticking your own label over it :)

:) good advice also if attempts had made it worse

Thanks to all for advices

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