David Williams dlwfanservice at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 18 18:34:27 CST 2021

Like many, I used an HP 2000 TSB system in high school to first learn 
about programming. Wanting to learn more than just BASIC, I soon 
discovered there was a program on the system that let you write and run 
FORTRAN programs. All these years later I can't remember anything more 
than that and haven't seen anything more on it since then until recently.

While clearing out my storage space I came across an old binder with a 
photocopy of a manual. Looking though it I soon realized it was from my 
high school computer class and described the system for running FORTRAN. 
So now I have a name at least and a copy of a manual, but haven't yet 
found anything more and hope that someone here might be able to shine 
some light and supply more about it.

The manual says it was known as OSMI 2000 FORTRAN and was a "series of 
programs written in the BASIC language which run short FORTRAN programs" 
on an HP 2000 BASIC system. Anyone heard of this before?


David Williams

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