Old Apple II game manuals and the Internet Archive

Michael Mulhern Michael at jongleur.co.uk
Mon Nov 1 16:31:42 CDT 2021

David, simple solution is to scan (to 600dpi tiff) the pages, and zip them
and then change the *.zip to *.cbz (Comic Book Zip) and upload.  You could
add a simple cover page listing the titles.

The Book-op process on the IA will produce the downloadable PDF and online
display page/images.

I'd also be happy to also copy the zip/cbz you create and reload as
individual metadata for each of the titles.



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On Tue, 2 Nov 2021 at 07:33, David Williams via cctalk <
cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:

> While clear out storage spaces I have come across binders of photocopies
> of lots of old Apple II game manuals. I've checked online for those that
> have been scanned already and will toss those. Before I toss the rest which
> I haven't found online, I'd like to scan them and upload to the Internet
> Archive to save them. Most of these are one page with a few 2-4 pages. What
> I'm wondering about is the best way to upload them after scanning. Do each
> individually, which adds a lot of entries to my small upload page (which I
> suppose isn't a big deal) or zip them up and upload the one file and make
> sure the metadata is properly set to identify each manual in the zip. Or
> some other method? Suggestions? Thanks, David Williams
> www.trailingedge.com (http://www.trailingedge.com)

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