Old Apple II game manuals and the Internet Archive

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 15:33:41 CDT 2021

While clear out storage spaces I have come across binders of photocopies of lots of old Apple II game manuals. I've checked online for those that have been scanned already and will toss those. Before I toss the rest which I haven't found online, I'd like to scan them and upload to the Internet Archive to save them. Most of these are one page with a few 2-4 pages. What I'm wondering about is the best way to upload them after scanning. Do each individually, which adds a lot of entries to my small upload page (which I suppose isn't a big deal) or zip them up and upload the one file and make sure the metadata is properly set to identify each manual in the zip. Or some other method? Suggestions? Thanks, David Williams www.trailingedge.com (http://www.trailingedge.com)

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