Old Apple II game manuals and the Internet Archive

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 1 16:56:23 CDT 2021

On 2021-11-01 16:31, Michael Mulhern <Michael at jongleur.co.uk> wrote: > > > David, simple solution is to scan (to 600dpi tiff) the pages, and zip them and then change the *.zip to *.cbz (Comic Book Zip) and upload. You could add a simple cover page listing the titles. > > I've scanned a bunch (600dpi tiff) already and have also made PDFs of them so have both saved already. It wasn't a very long process. > > > > > The Book-op process on the IA will produce the downloadable PDF and online display page/images. > > > > I'd also be happy to also copy the zip/cbz you create and reload as individual metadata for each of the titles. > > > > I'm good with uploading each individually, just trying to see which is the preferred method. Individual or one big "searchable" zip. I have a lot of other similar photocopies of other doc as well that I'm looking to do besides all the game manuals. I WILL get the storage space all cleared out and my collection organized... I will... :) Best, David Williams


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