Ultrix-11 Networking

Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 28 11:54:08 CDT 2021

On 8/28/21 12:43 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> Its been fun  working with Ultrix-11 and have had success with the help 
> of the list.  Thanks.  The tape file from Bill Gunshannon will create a 
> working system.  Yay!
> I'm at the point of trying to network the SIMH pdp11 Ultrix-11 system.
> I have a few observations:
> 1. The youtube video 'Ultrix-11' shows connecting to sunOS systems. OK, 
> he did this by simply issuing a single ifconfig command.  That didn't 
> work for me.

I assume you built a new kernel with the right networking interface
in it?  :-)

> 2. Instead, I used the netsetup script supplied with the system, and had 
> to reboot to get networking up.  I did seem to come up OK.
> 3. The SIMH FAQ suggests using a 2nd ethernet port, I was able to do 
> this.  The linux computer I am running SIMH on has 2 ports.
> 4. The Ultrix-11 telnet ftp are old, unsecure versions, how do you 
> connect to a modern Linux machine?  The Linux machines refuse the 
> connections.

All telnet and ftp connectionms are old and insecure. There is no such
thing as secure telnet or ftp (or rsh or finger, you get the picture).
If you wish to go from the Ultrix-11 system to the Linux system you
will need to explicitly turn on telnetd and/or ftpd.  Or, do the same
on Ultrix-11 and go the other way.  There is no ssh for Ultrix-11 and
I seriously doubt there ever could be.

> 5. I also looked at the tuhs archive.  The Fred build script that 
> generates a tk50 bootable tape image didn't work for me.  I substituted 
> a file for the tape device and it caused SIMH to Halt.

Don't remember what system I bult the tape on but I doubt it was
an Ultrix-11 system.  Probably a VAX runnning netbbsd under SIMH.


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