Looking for documentation for VAX-11/730 ENKCC Diagnostic

Josh Dersch derschjo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 14:41:52 CST 2019

Hi all --

The VAX-11/730 we have running here at the museum has developed a fault
that occurs only sporadically, usually days apart.  Running the complete
diagnostic suite for the better part of a week reveals this:

ENKCC 33  08  000000FF 000000DF   N/A    FFFFFF00 M8391  M8728

Re-running only ENKCC, this error is repeatable (though it still takes a
couple of days for it to occur).  It helpfully points out the MCT (M8391)
and memory boards (M8728) as possible causes; we have spare M8728s and I've
swapped them around with no change in behavior.  I have a spare M8391 in my
own collection but it fails in a completely different way so that's not
much help.

I cannot find any real documentation for ENKCC so I don't know what TEST 33
is doing, nor what ERROR 8 indicates in this context, though it seems we're
dropping a bit somewhere :).  Anyone out there sitting on a pile of 11/730

Thanks as always!
- Josh

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