191109 Classic equipment available & my bad year.

Dave Dunfield dave.dunfield at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 08:16:57 CST 2019

191109: Added PDP-11s, KIM1, EDB9301, MMT-85 & FloppyDrives

Thanks to everyone for the kind words on my situation.

Had lots of correspondence from various people interested in
certain systems, but no offers, and very little information on
what people think they are worth. Many of these systems are
very old, very rare and nearly impossible to acquire. As I am no
longer working I want to maximize what I receive from them.
I will be researching this over the next year and will add prices
if/when I work them out. If price is unknown I will take the highest
reasonable offer, so I cannot offer systems now without an idea
of what they are worth to you.

Had several messages asking about other systems I show on "Daves
Old Computers". I have been dealing with several collectors in
Toronto and Ottawa, and any systems not listed in sale.txt is
already gone (still taking inventory so may add a few more, as
well as a LOT of other technical stuff.

> --- Original Message ---
>I have had a major health incident which means that I have been unresponsive
>for several months. As I need to move in closer to town, I will be disposing
>of what remains of my collection (Things like: Altairs, Imsa, PET 2001,
>Apple II, TRS-80s, lots of S100 carts etc.)
>I have posted some preliminary information at:
>   http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/sale.txt


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