RSTS emulation in a browser

John Foust jfoust at
Tue Dec 10 11:28:59 CST 2019

At 10:51 PM 12/9/2019, Jay Jaeger wrote:
>No, not necessarily.  A web server provides a content header based on
>its own internal configuration.  For local files, it is determined
>locally, and so might be different.
>Also it is possible that there are some file references in there that
>are not purely relative or that there is another file that is not there.
> One would have to look at the .html and .js files to see.

The code looks pretty flat; no folders.  It didn't even need any 
tweaks for file permissions when I uploaded to a web server.  The 
HTML mentions two .js files fpp.js and vg11.js that aren't present 
on his web or in the zip, but it runs without them.  It's not trying 
to write back to the DSK files, it just keeps an in-memory cache 
when it's running.  I imagined it was something related to security 
in a local browser.

I tried emailing the author but no response yet.

<> seems to be a different, simpler PDP emulator
written in JavaScript.

- John

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