RSTS emulation in a browser

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at
Tue Dec 10 14:04:00 CST 2019

Downloaded files for previous PDP-11 emulator but couldn't get it to 
run.  Link to German site at bottom of your post works fine and Unix 
runs about same speed that it ran on my 11/34 in 1983.  Scary that 
coding a PDP-11 emulator in an incredibly inefficient scripting 
language such as Javascript matches speed of the machine I was using 
back then.  That slowness just applies to Unix; all of my code back 
then was written in PDP-11 assembler which allowed data sampling at 
20 KHz from A/D and essentially bypassed most of RT-11 to get 
speed.  Will play around more with this emulator when have time.

Unfortunately, a lot of people now seem to think that Javascript can 
be used to code large projects such as the provincial system which 
allows one to access patients reports and lab results from whole 
province; my comment to them was that it does a great simulation of a 
paper chart but also emulating a sloth with a fondness for 
barbiturates turning chart pages made it essentially useless.

>At 10:51 PM 12/9/2019, Jay Jaeger wrote:
> >No, not necessarily.  A web server provides a content header based on
> >its own internal configuration.  For local files, it is determined
> >locally, and so might be different.
> >
> >Also it is possible that there are some file references in there that
> >are not purely relative or that there is another file that is not there.
> > One would have to look at the .html and .js files to see.
>The code looks pretty flat; no folders.  It didn't even need any
>tweaks for file permissions when I uploaded to a web server.  The
>HTML mentions two .js files fpp.js and vg11.js that aren't present
>on his web or in the zip, but it runs without them.  It's not trying
>to write back to the DSK files, it just keeps an in-memory cache
>when it's running.  I imagined it was something related to security
>in a local browser.
>I tried emailing the author but no response yet.
><> seems to be a 
>different, simpler PDP emulator
>written in JavaScript.
>- John

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