RSTS emulation in a browser

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Mon Dec 9 22:51:07 CST 2019

On 12/7/2019 3:12 PM, John Foust via cctech wrote:
> At 09:07 PM 12/6/2019, Jay Jaeger via cctalk wrote:
>> When I try and contact the site, it times out / can't connect, though I
>> did manage to get an index listing by leaving off the pdp11.html.
> I also saw the time­outs but a retry usually fixed it.
>> Not quite sure what you mean by trying to run it "locally".   Is it that
>> you downloaded and unzipped it and pointed at that as a file URL?  
> Yes, loading pdp11.html locally.  Should work, no?

No, not necessarily.  A web server provides a content header based on
its own internal configuration.  For local files, it is determined
locally, and so might be different.

Also it is possible that there are some file references in there that
are not purely relative or that there is another file that is not there.
 One would have to look at the .html and .js files to see.

>> Or did you copy it to a local web server you have?
> Yes, I've done that, and it runs fine there.
>> There are at least three files involved, I spect:  pdp11.html, pdp11.js
>> and bootcode.js, and probably vt11,js, pdp-11-45.svg and pdp11-70.svg as
>> well.
> Yes, I've been wishing it was better documented.  But all the source is there.
> - John

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