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> I don't know if the GoTEK is itself slow or if it's a result of what the computer was doing with it.  —  My only experience was trying to have a Compaq System Utility Partition back itself up to the GoTEK.  The first ""disk worked without a problem.  The backup routine fails complaining about a file after formatting the second disk.  I suspect this may be more source than the destination.

Just a question, you’re not expecting the Gotek to whizz files onto the Compaq are you? It may be something modern emulating a floppy drive but it also has to emulate the floppy drive rotational speed so it should be the same speed as a real drive. One thing that sometimes makes it seem slow to me is that I don’t have the little piezo speaker for mine so you’re getting no audible feedback, and with no OLED either you have no idea about which tracks its reading, etc.

Bit like watching a kettle boil :) 

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