DEC banner panel

Tony Duell ard.p850ug1 at
Tue Dec 27 00:33:03 CST 2016

> Hi Tony. Are you talking about the banner for the main system? Or the second rack?

I assume the main rack. My system will fit in a single H960 (It's the
PDP8/e processor,
RK05, RX01, TU56 and PC04). FWIW, my 11/45 is a 2-rack system and I only have
'main rack' logo panels for it. I know the second rack should be
without text, but I have
never done anything about it.

> A few years ago I had an insert printed out at a local Fast Signs store. I scanned an
> original that was beat up and created some artwork for the PDP-8e, PDP-11, and a
> DECSystem10 one (The first 2 were made from actual H960 rack banners. The last
> one was a whimsical one I created for fun.) I am not at home right now, but I can look
> to see if I can dig up the art work. I don't have one online of my PDP-8e one, but here
> are the other ones:

I wonder if a sign shop over here could make one from the artwork. It
would be worth
asking, although I guess it would be one some kind of plastic
substrate not the original


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