DEC banner panel

paisley at paisley at
Tue Dec 27 08:25:28 CST 2016

>> A few years ago I had an insert printed out at a local Fast Signs store. I scanned an 

>> original that was beat up and created some artwork for the PDP-8e, PDP-11, and a 
>> DECSystem10 one (The first 2 were made from actual H960 rack banners. The last 
>> one was a whimsical one I created for fun.) I am not at home right now, but I can look 
>> to see if I can dig up the art work. I don't have one online of my PDP-8e one, but here 
>> are the other ones: 

> I wonder if a sign shop over here could make one from the artwork. It 
> would be worth 
> asking, although I guess it would be one some kind of plastic 
> substrate not the original 
> aluminium. 

They did it for me in plastic. It was the same thickness as the aluminum. As others have said, the aluminum is extremely hard to remove from the header. Once it is in the header, you can't tell if it is plastic or aluminum. 


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