LINCtape/DECtape Head Alignment

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at
Mon Dec 26 16:09:17 CST 2016

From: Michael Thompson: Monday, December 26, 2016 10:08 AM
> It would be really convenient
> to have one of the Amphenol 133-022-03 connectors from a G851 Relay module
> on our amplifier so it would plug directly into the head cable.
> Does anyone have a DEC G851 module that we could remove the connector from?

I believe the 133-022-03 to be a fairly standard .156" pitch 22 pin edge single 
edge connector socket.  Mouser has the 307-022-505-102 by EDAC in stock for
$14.33, as well as some cheaper TE versions with vertical PCB mounting.  Would
any of those work?


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