DEC banner panel

Tony Duell ard.p850ug1 at
Mon Dec 26 12:54:28 CST 2016

I am starting to fill a spare H960 with my PDP8/e system. Starting as
in cleaning
up the rack, sorting out the power controller, etc....

This is a somewhat odd question for me as I don't normally care about
such things,
but I might as well try to get it right...

Anyway, I have one of those plastic banner panels for the top front of
the rack. It's
missing the insert (just the black plastic part), but I would guess
(based on what I
know of the history of the rack) it would have been the magenta one for PDP11s.

Was there a yellow/brown one for PDP8 systems?

If so, is a scan available anywhere?

Is there any way I can get it printed (and onto what) in the UK? I don't have a
large enough printer to do this.

Has anyone made said panels before? How did you do it?


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