LINCtape/DECtape Head Alignment

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at
Mon Dec 26 12:08:23 CST 2016

The RICM is working on the skew adjustment on a TU56 tape drive on a
PDP-12. We only see a 5mV signal from the head, so when we flip the tape
over we will only see 1mV. This is below the capabilities of my 'scope.

The DEC skew adjustment procedure talks about using a DEC amplifier to
boost the head signal to several volts. We are planning to make an
equivalent amplifier using a modern Op-amp. It would be really convenient
to have one of the Amphenol 133-022-03 connectors from a G851 Relay module
on our amplifier so it would plug directly into the head cable.

Does anyone have a DEC G851 module that we could remove the connector from?

Michael Thompson

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