PDP-6s at MIT

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Fri Dec 23 16:03:41 CST 2016

Noel Chiappa wrote:
> Swedes showed up at MIT with a shipping container (perhaps under the
> mistaken impression that Cambridge was Lindisfarne ;-), and loaded the
> KL into it, along with, IIRC, one of the KA ITS machines - possibly
> AI?

I have this on AI:

> the semi-original AI (that is, the KA-10 rather than the PDP-6) was
> flushed 3 years ago. the hardware was given to a bunch of hackers from
> Concourse (an MIT alternative undergrad program) -- after it walked
> across the street to Bldg. 20, the KA still ran, but had no memory,
> since its latest memory incarnation was all modified LispM Mem boards,
> which were given to needy Lispms when the Lab flushed the machine. i
> think the Concourse hackers have since had access to more of these Mem
> boards, but they have not (alas!) managed to bring the KA up in
> full-fledged fashion.

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