PDP-6s at MIT

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Tue Dec 27 10:47:26 CST 2016

Noel Chiappa wrote:
>Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
>> Noel Chiappa wrote:
>>> Swedes showed up at MIT with a shipping container (perhaps under the
>>> mistaken impression that Cambridge was Lindisfarne ;-), and loaded the
>>> KL into it, along with, IIRC, one of the KA ITS machines - possibly
>>> AI?
>> I have this on AI:
>>> the semi-original AI (that is, the KA-10 rather than the PDP-6) was
>>> flushed 3 years ago. the hardware was given to a bunch of hackers from
>>> Concourse
> Oh, right, now that you mention it, I very vaguely recall this.  I'm
> not sure why I thought they had taken a KA too - I think I may have
> been confused by this email:

Well, apparently Michael Patton asked GILL at AI:

> The Swedes are here picking up the KL-10.  They have a really big
> container and are interested in other things they might pick up.  They
> expressed some interest in the old MIT-AI KA-10 that you have in
> storage.  Can they have it?  Do you want to arrange some time for them
> to come get it, or can I just do it?

So maybe they got it after all!

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