PDP-6s at MIT

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Wed Dec 21 03:14:35 CST 2016

Lars Brinkhoff wrote:
> Noel Chiappa wrote:
>> I don't know about the software run on the two PDP-6's - by the time
>> I arrived at MIT, they were both powered off and never, as far as I
>> know, ever ran again. I would _assume_ that it ran ITS.
> Pure speculation, but I suppose that since the DynaMod group got their
> 10 shortly after the 6, they may have focused on getting the 10 up and
> running.  Maybe they didn't bother to make the 6 run in timesharing mode.

I found this text:

    Full ITS first ran on the AI PDP6, and was ported to the DM PDP6.
    Later, PDP10s became available, and the labs acquired some of the
    earliest ones -- the AI-KA10 (AI Lab's machine), the ML KA-10 (used
    by the MathLab, Theory of Computation, Automatic Programming, and
    certain other LCS gruops), and the DMS KA-10 (Dynamic Modeling
    systems, also used by certain other LCS groups); these replaced the
    PDP-6s, which were slowly phased out.

So it seems the DM PDP-6 indeed ran ITS, at least for a while.

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