PDP-6s at MIT

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Thu Dec 22 13:56:10 CST 2016

AI memo 161A: ITS 1.5 Reference Manual, July 1969:
> An .OPEN on device USR with a second file name of "PDP10" may be made,
> in all the modes allowed for regular procedures, to access the memory
> of the PDP-10.

So at this time, the AI PDP-6 was still the primary CPU.

AI memo 238: ITS Status Report, April 1972:
> Actually the Project MAC Dynamic Modelling Group uses a non-paged
> early offshoot of ITS on their PDP-10.

So it seems DM kept using the non-paged version of ITS, probably like
what their PDP-6 did.

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