VAX/VMS 5.1A documentation set to give away

Sean Caron scaron at
Tue May 5 10:59:55 CDT 2015

Does it have the door on?

I'll actually be in Cincy on 5/16 with my girlfriend to attend a wedding of
one of her college friends ... maybe I could make something happen with
your chassis and Richard's boards ... OTOH, I promised my girl I wouldn't
take any more big stuff ... LOL ... I bet a 4000/300 could fit in the trunk
of a DTS.

Not promising anything but let me think about it :O



On Tue, May 5, 2015 at 10:27 AM, John H. Reinhardt <johnhreinhardt at
> wrote:

> On 5/4/2015 5:45 PM, Richard Loken wrote:
>> Hi computer fans,
>> I have been asked to dispose of the VMS version 5 documentation set in my
>> office.  This consists of 40 grey binders and all their contents.
>> They are located in Alberta Canada.
>> This is a large and heavy load with or without the binders.  But who
>> knows,
>> maybe somebody out there wants such an artifact?
>> I also have some spare boards and other parts for a VAX 4000 Model 500 if
>> anybody has an interest in such things.  They are smaller and lighter than
>> the doc set.
> May I ask what boards and spare parts in general you have?  I happen to
> have a nearly bare BA440 chassis that could use some VAX 4000 parts.  Or
> perhaps there is someone out there that would like to combine their parts,
> your parts and my chassis to make a while VAX 4000?
> I do not particularly need an(other) operating VAX and am willing to part
> with the chassis if someone can use it.  Unfortunately, it's pretty bare.
> I got it from a local guy when I bought a MicroVAX 3100.  He had sold a VAX
> 4000 Model 300 to someone and all they wanted were the boards.  So he
> stripped it as instructed and left the chassis. It needs a fan, P/S,
> console panel, front door(s), storage pods and various cables.  It's
> basically a box with a backplane.  It's available for pickup in the
> Cincinnati, Ohio area, or perhaps a meet can be arranged within a few hours
> drive.
> John H. Reinhardt

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