VAX/VMS 5.1A documentation set to give away

John H. Reinhardt johnhreinhardt at
Tue May 5 09:27:29 CDT 2015

On 5/4/2015 5:45 PM, Richard Loken wrote:
> Hi computer fans,
> I have been asked to dispose of the VMS version 5 documentation set in my
> office.  This consists of 40 grey binders and all their contents.
> They are located in Alberta Canada.
> This is a large and heavy load with or without the binders.  But who knows,
> maybe somebody out there wants such an artifact?
> I also have some spare boards and other parts for a VAX 4000 Model 500 if
> anybody has an interest in such things.  They are smaller and lighter than
> the doc set.

May I ask what boards and spare parts in general you have?  I happen to have a nearly bare BA440 chassis that could use some VAX 4000 parts.  Or perhaps there is someone out there that would like to combine their parts, your parts and my chassis to make a while VAX 4000?

I do not particularly need an(other) operating VAX and am willing to part with the chassis if someone can use it.  Unfortunately, it's pretty bare.  I got it from a local guy when I bought a MicroVAX 3100.  He had sold a VAX 4000 Model 300 to someone and all they wanted were the boards.  So he stripped it as instructed and left the chassis. It needs a fan, P/S, console panel, front door(s), storage pods and various cables.  It's basically a box with a backplane.  It's available for pickup in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, or perhaps a meet can be arranged within a few hours drive.

John H. Reinhardt

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