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Wed May 6 15:15:57 CDT 2015

I'm weeding out my library and will send the following books to list members for the cost of shipping (Media Mail), or you can arrange pickup (I'm in southeast NH). All are in good to excellent condition. Not all are "vintage," but I thought I'd see if there was any interest here before I tossed them. First come, first serve. Contact me off-list: 

Communications Technology Guide for Business, Artech House, 1998 
Disconnected: Haves and Have Nots in the Information Age, 1996 
Mind at Light Speed: A New Kind of Intelligence, 2001 
Decline of the American Programmer, Ed Yourdon, 1992 
Future Codes: Essays in Advanced Computer Technology and the Law, 1997 
Computer Ethics: Cautionary Tales and Ethical Dilemmas in COmputing, MIT Press, 1994 
Artificial Reality, 1983 
The New High Tech Manager: Six Rules for Success in Changing Times, 1990s 
The Virtual Library: Visions & Realities, 1991 
NetResults: Integrating the Internet into Your Business, conference proceedings, 1997 
Netlaw: Your Rights in the Online World, 1995 
The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, Turkle, 1984 
Virus Proof, 2000 
Software Conflict: Essays on the Art and Science of Software Engineering, 1990s 
Making Telecommuting Happen: A Guide for Telemanagers and Telecommuters, 1994 
Intranet as Groupware, 1996 
Successful Business Strategies Using Telecommunications Services, Artech House, 1997 
The Playful World: How Technology Is Transforming Our Imagination, 2000 
Machine Beauty: Elegance and the Heart of Technology, Gelernter (prepress review copy) 
Receptors, Restak, 1995 
The Particle Connection: The Most Exciting Scientific Chase Since DNA and the Double Helix, 1984 
Using Wordperfect, 1987 
Mastering Microsoft Frontpage, 1997 
Microsoft Office 2000: No Experience Required, 
The Windows 98 Registry Handbook: A Guide for Power Users 
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.2 Reference Manual 
Pagemaker 4.0: An Easy Desk Reference Mac Edition 
Mastering Windows 98 
Teach Yourself Wordperfect Office 2000 for Linux in 24 Hours 
Microsoft Office 97: The Complete Reference 
Windows 98: The COmplete Reference 
Superforce: The Search for a Grand Unified Theory of Nature, Huw Davies 
Smart Cards: A Guide to Building and Managing Smart Card Applications 
Selected Abstracts in Data Processing and Management Information Systems 
Smart Card Security and Applications, 1997 
Excel in Business: Number Crunching Power on the Apple Macintosh 
Using Supercalc 5, 1989 

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