VAX/VMS 5.1A documentation set to give away

John H. Reinhardt johnhreinhardt at
Wed May 6 02:18:48 CDT 2015

On 5/5/2015 11:59 AM, Sean Caron wrote:
> Does it have the door on?
> I'll actually be in Cincy on 5/16 with my girlfriend to attend a wedding of
> one of her college friends ... maybe I could make something happen with
> your chassis and Richard's boards ... OTOH, I promised my girl I wouldn't
> take any more big stuff ... LOL ... I bet a 4000/300 could fit in the trunk
> of a DTS.
> Not promising anything but let me think about it :O
> Best,
> Sean

Well, that's rotten timing.  I'm going to be out of town 5/14 - 5/19.

But no door.  It's a rather sad box now.  Here is a picture <>

John H. Reinhardt

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