[DECtec] Free stuff in London (Mostly DEC)

Robert Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Mon May 4 10:56:53 CDT 2015

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> Subject: [DECtec] Free stuff in London (Mostly DEC)
> Hi,
> Due to a change in circumstances, I need to downsize my collection.
> Most of this stuff has been given to me free by other members of this
group. It
> is first come first served, but if you gave it to me and want it back,
> you have first shot.
> It is located in Piccadilly in London, and for the bigger stuff will need
to be
> picked up before 11am any day inc. weekends. I also need to move it within
> weeks.
> I have a busted hip at the moment so I can't help lift anything and they
> located on the 2nd Floor.
> Now thats dealt with here's what I have :
> aMicrovax 3400
> 2x Vax 4000-200 (One has a broken PSU)
> Hp zx6000 (No drives)
> SGI GDM17e11 CRT
> 2x DECserver 300
> 5x DECsystem 3100 (Think they are all dead, have never managed to get them
> to go past diagnostics) 5x Gould os 3500 Oscilloscopes - All working but
> been calibrated for years.
> Sgi Indy
> Massive box of DEC Cables, mostly DSSI
> Intel MDS - Non working, powers up but nothing happens 2x Alphaserver ES45
> These are HEAVY
> Let me know if you want it..

I have to say that I fancy the Zx6000 and a few other bits, but I am not
sure I fancy it enough to drive into central London. I hope it all gets a
good home.



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