Free stuff in London (Mostly DEC)

Dan Williams williams.dan at
Mon May 4 08:30:26 CDT 2015


Due to a change in circumstances, I need to downsize my collection.

Most of this stuff has been given to me free by other members of this
group. It is first come first served, but if you gave it to me and want it
back, obviously you have first shot.

It is located in Piccadilly in London, and for the bigger stuff will need
to be picked up before 11am any day inc. weekends. I also need to move it
within 3 weeks.
I have a busted hip at the moment so I can't help lift anything and they
are located on the 2nd Floor.

Now thats dealt with here's what I have :

aMicrovax 3400
2x Vax 4000-200 (One has a broken PSU)
Hp zx6000 (No drives)
2x DECserver 300
5x DECsystem 3100 (Think they are all dead, have never managed to get them
to go past diagnostics)
5x Gould os 3500 Oscilloscopes - All working but not been calibrated for
Sgi Indy
Massive box of DEC Cables, mostly DSSI
Intel MDS - Non working, powers up but nothing happens
2x Alphaserver ES45 - These are HEAVY

Let me know if you want it..


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