PDP-11/34A cache

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Sat Dec 20 10:13:09 CST 2014

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> I didn't go thru a command line client, but there are always a multitude
> of proxy / port (firewall) / passive issues with FTP that can occur.
> Many of the tools seem to try all the options and find one that works.
> BTW when I have to, I use filezilla to get to most sites.  I almost
> never mess with command line FTP if I can avoid it.
> Jim

I actually enjoy command line FTP, but some sites (certainly the one hosting
my website) require secure FTP now (FTPS), so I was forced to download
software to transfer files on to my own site (the sites normal tools have an
upload limit of 5MB!).
So when transferring large files (or for quick FTP/FTPS use) I now use
FTPrush. It's quick and easy to use (once everything is configured
correctly) and works on Windows 2000 :)

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at yahoo.co.uk

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