PDP-11/34A cache

jim s jwsmail at jwsss.com
Thu Dec 18 20:40:33 CST 2014

On 12/18/2014 5:32 PM, Mouse wrote:
>>>> ftp bickleywest.com
>>> [various people get DNS failures]
>> The problem was with my ISP.  They had a denial of service attack on
>> their DNS [...]
> Ew.  Glad they did manage to pallate it.
> But now....
> [Sparkle] 194> ftp bickleywest.com:/pdp1134/KK11-A.pdf
> Connected to bickleywest.com.
> 220 bickleywest.com FTP server (Version wu-2.6.2(1) Thu Jun 23 13:09:59
> IDT 2005) ready.
> 331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
> 230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
> Remote system type is UNIX.
> Using binary mode to transfer files.
> 200 Type set to I.
> 550 Permission denied on server.  You are restricted to your account.
> 221-You have transferred 0 bytes in 0 files.
> 221-Total traffic for this session was 462 bytes in 0 transfers.
> 221-Thank you for using the FTP service on bickleywest.com.
> 221 Goodbye.
> [Sparkle] 195>
I'm able to click it on a windows xp / thunderbird, and it comes up in a 
file browser windows.  I just copy it from that window to a file, and done.

I didn't go thru a command line client, but there are always a multitude 
of proxy / port (firewall) / passive issues with FTP that can occur.  
Many of the tools seem to try all the options and find one that works.

BTW when I have to, I use filezilla to get to most sites.  I almost 
never mess with command line FTP if I can avoid it.


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