Looking for WWENG2.SYS for DECserver 900TM

John H. Reinhardt johnhreinhardt at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 14 06:03:46 CST 2014

On 12/5/2014 6:28 PM, Mark G Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Dec 05, 2014 at 06:50:35PM -0000, Robert Jarratt wrote:
>>> Does anyone know how to extract one of these from the flash card?
>>> I've got a 900TM booting from flash with version 2.4 WWENG2.SYS on the
>> card,
>>> but I can't figure out how to copy it off the card for another 900TM.
>>> I obtained a second 900TM that didn't have a card included. I won a
>> "Mitsubishi
>>> Melcard 2MB F·E²PROM MEMORY Card MF82M1-77DAT01" on e-bay, which is
>>> identical to what DEC provided, and successfully booted and loaded
>> wweng2.sys
>>> version 2.2, which I believe is the 1646592 byte version supervinx also
>> has.
>>> My 900TM with 2.4 works better than the other one booting 2.2. If anyone
>> has
>>> any info on reading WWENG2.SYS 2.4 off my working unit, please let me
>> know.
>> I tried looking for one of these cards on Ebay in the UK and drew a blank. I
>> tried a few alternative searches too, but still got nowhere. Is there
>> anything else I could look for that would do the same thing? If so, how do
>> you get the software onto the card?
>> Thanks
>> Rob
> I found some discussion of card compatibility here:
>    http://unix.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/comp.os.vms/2004-10/1901.html
> You should be able to hit CTRL-B a couple times on the first serial
> port during power up to get to a ">>>" prompt, then do something
> like this:
> I had some trouble getting to the ">>>" prompt successfully, but
> once there, had no trouble netbooting and updating the flash.
> Mark

I have the other card version mentioned in the comp.os.vms article - The Mitsubishi MELCARD MF82M1-GBDAT01 and I can say it also works in the DECserver 900TM.  There are a few on the US Ebay site right now. <http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_kw=MITSUBISHI+2MB+CARD>

As far as I know, the only way to get the data flashed to the card is to get the DECserver to boot online first, then run the previously mentioned command to flash the memory.  Also, there is no way that I know of to copy the data from the card to a file via the DECserver.  I assume you would have to have a PCMIA slot on a computer and use that to read the card.

John H. Reinhardt

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