No such thing as "the PDP" [was RE: Typesafety versus Worse is Better - was Re: Fwd: is there any word processing software for the pdp11?]

Al Kossow aek at
Thu Dec 4 18:17:11 CST 2014

On 12/4/14 1:34 PM, Dale H. Cook wrote:
> does anyone know if there are any plans by the CHM to try to make the MIT engineering prototype operable? I last saw it in use at MIT about 45 years ago, when it was housed adjacent to the TX-0

No, because we don't have it.
That machine was heavily modified, adding timesharing and converting it to 2's compliment arithmetic
to the point where was known as the PDP-1-X

I don't know where it eventually wound up, but didn't the MIT computer club have it for a while?

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