MTI storage array

Sean Caron scaron at
Wed Dec 10 19:53:02 CST 2014

MTI was pretty much just a... generic... I suppose you'd say, enclosure
manufacturer, kind of like Supermicro is.

Any MTI box I ever encountered was just a "dumb" enclosure... no smarts...
in this case you'd hook it up to a separate RAID controller card in the
host (or just a plain old SCSI card); all disks are presented individually
i.e. "JBOD".

I'm not familiar enough with them to rule out them having perhaps made
enclosures with integrated RAID, in which case you'd configure the LUN in
the enclosure's management interface, and just those LUNs are presented to
the host.

The reason I even suspect the latter at all is because there appears to be
a RS-232 port on the enclosure in one of the pics. If you're curious, you
might try hooking a PC with terminal emulator up to that, with and without
a null modem adapter, and see what comes out. A good guess at the comms
parameters is 9600 8/N/1. If that doesn't work... :|

But I don't think you should concern yourself with that off the bat, just
find an appropriate SCSI cable, hook it up to the workstation and see what
comes up. Hopefully whatever's there might just be intact, and all you'll
need to do is connect it.

The cabling is not too difficult to find. If you're on a university campus,
probably lots of groups have tons of these laying around in various
cabinets gathering dust (SCSI is pretty dated... you see it in production a
lot less... many things are now SAS). I know that's certainly the case at
U-M! Might be worth asking around your department's IT group.

If you do want to buy new, lots of places sell them, here's just a quick
example from Googling:



On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 7:39 PM, Joseph Lenox <lenox.joseph at>

> My advisor was given an old HP83000 IC tester a few years ago and I got
> stuck with trying to figure out how to evaluate if it is worth trying to
> set up.
> To that end, I am investigating the HP C360 visualize workstation that came
> with it.
> It is booting, but there are entries in the fstab that imply that there
> were more hard drives.
> It came with this hard drive array:
> I am having trouble even identifying the make and model, let alone finding
> some sort of manual.
> Anyone got an idea of what is going on here and possibly where I can source
> the correct cabling for it?
> The workstation has 2 scsi busses, an ultrawide single ended and a narrow
> single ended.

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