MTI storage array

Sean Caron scaron at
Wed Dec 10 19:57:18 CST 2014

Sorry to reply to my own post... I did want to take back my first sentence;
apparently there was a bit more to MTI than I was aware. Nevertheless most
of the suggestions in my previous message should be germane to your



On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 8:53 PM, Sean Caron <scaron at> wrote:

> MTI was pretty much just a... generic... I suppose you'd say, enclosure
> manufacturer, kind of like Supermicro is.
> Any MTI box I ever encountered was just a "dumb" enclosure... no smarts...
> in this case you'd hook it up to a separate RAID controller card in the
> host (or just a plain old SCSI card); all disks are presented individually
> i.e. "JBOD".
> I'm not familiar enough with them to rule out them having perhaps made
> enclosures with integrated RAID, in which case you'd configure the LUN in
> the enclosure's management interface, and just those LUNs are presented to
> the host.
> The reason I even suspect the latter at all is because there appears to be
> a RS-232 port on the enclosure in one of the pics. If you're curious, you
> might try hooking a PC with terminal emulator up to that, with and without
> a null modem adapter, and see what comes out. A good guess at the comms
> parameters is 9600 8/N/1. If that doesn't work... :|
> But I don't think you should concern yourself with that off the bat, just
> find an appropriate SCSI cable, hook it up to the workstation and see what
> comes up. Hopefully whatever's there might just be intact, and all you'll
> need to do is connect it.
> The cabling is not too difficult to find. If you're on a university
> campus, probably lots of groups have tons of these laying around in various
> cabinets gathering dust (SCSI is pretty dated... you see it in production a
> lot less... many things are now SAS). I know that's certainly the case at
> U-M! Might be worth asking around your department's IT group.
> If you do want to buy new, lots of places sell them, here's just a quick
> example from Googling:
> Best,
> Sean
> On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 7:39 PM, Joseph Lenox <lenox.joseph at>
> wrote:
>> My advisor was given an old HP83000 IC tester a few years ago and I got
>> stuck with trying to figure out how to evaluate if it is worth trying to
>> set up.
>> To that end, I am investigating the HP C360 visualize workstation that
>> came
>> with it.
>> It is booting, but there are entries in the fstab that imply that there
>> were more hard drives.
>> It came with this hard drive array:
>> I am having trouble even identifying the make and model, let alone finding
>> some sort of manual.
>> Anyone got an idea of what is going on here and possibly where I can
>> source
>> the correct cabling for it?
>> The workstation has 2 scsi busses, an ultrawide single ended and a narrow
>> single ended.

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