MTI storage array

Joseph Lenox lenox.joseph at
Wed Dec 10 18:39:24 CST 2014

My advisor was given an old HP83000 IC tester a few years ago and I got
stuck with trying to figure out how to evaluate if it is worth trying to
set up.

To that end, I am investigating the HP C360 visualize workstation that came
with it.

It is booting, but there are entries in the fstab that imply that there
were more hard drives.

It came with this hard drive array:

I am having trouble even identifying the make and model, let alone finding
some sort of manual.

Anyone got an idea of what is going on here and possibly where I can source
the correct cabling for it?

The workstation has 2 scsi busses, an ultrawide single ended and a narrow
single ended.

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