Some Transputer Bits available.

Jochen Kunz jkunz at
Sat Dec 6 03:01:28 CST 2014

Am 06.12.14 08:26, schrieb tony duell:
> Do you mean that only 4 pins in the socket (on the end of the cable) are
> wired, or that there are only 4 traces on the PCB going to the header.
It looks like all (or most) pins on the header are contacted with
traces. There is a 24 pin ribbon cable plunged in, but only 4 wires are
used. The other 20 wires are open, not connected and covered with
isolating tape.

> if the former then I would guess all
> the transputer links, etc, are on that header and that one of them is
> brought out to the 5 pin socket on the bracket.
Thats what I suspect. As said I rescued a Transputer system from that
place some years back. It was basically a generic, modular box (For
double eurocard like PCBs? Can't remember.) with some sort of "carrier
boards" that had INMOS TRAM modules on them. There was no disk or the
like. So I suspected there must be some sort of "head" to boot and
control that box full of Transputers. It only took some years to show
up. :-)

p.s.: The TRAM modules and carrier boards went to a Transputer
enthusiast and are in good hands.


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