Some Transputer Bits available.

tony duell ard at
Sat Dec 6 01:26:12 CST 2014

> > No C011 or C012 link adapter chip ?
> [inspecting card]
> Yes, there is an IMSC012P.

OK, that's the interface between the transputer serial links and the 
ISA bus. A transputer can be set up to boot from a link, that is
to download software over a link after reset. So the PC can 
provide all the software for the transputer.

> > > Are there no other headers or connectors on the board.
> > There is a 24 pin IDC header. The bush button and the 5-pin connector on
> > the bracket are connected to that 24 pin header by a cable. Only 4 out
> > of the 24 pins are used.

Do you mean that only 4 pins in the socket (on the end of the cable) are
wired, or that there are only 4 traces on the PCB going to the header. If 
the latter then I have no idea why, if the former then I would guess all
the transputer links, etc, are on that header and that one of them is
brought out to the 5 pin socket on the bracket.


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