Some Transputer Bits available.

Steven M Jones classiccmp at
Fri Dec 5 15:13:48 CST 2014

On 12/04/2014 09:55 PM, tony duell wrote:
>> round 5-pin connector on the slot bracket. It is labeled "Monoputer 2
>> v1.1 (C)Microway,Inc. 1988".
> ... I find that 5 pin connector puzzling, though. Are there
> no other headers or connectors on the board. A transputer link is normally a 
> 4 pin header (2 grounds, TxD, RxD) then there's the 3 wire Reset/Error/Analyse
> control link.

I believe I've seen a board by Parasytec with similar sounding
connectors on it. Unfortunately I can't dig up the board at the
moment... I think it was an SBus card, and there is a press release
floating around the 'Net indicating they supported MS-DOS, Apple, and
Sun hosts.

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