Parsytec, was Re: Some Transputer Bits available.

Steven M Jones classiccmp at
Sat Dec 6 05:11:59 CST 2014

Jochen, looks like this is the next version of your board, without the
funky 5-pin connectors:

On 12/05/2014 01:13 PM, Steven M Jones wrote:
> I believe I've seen [an SBus card] by Parasytec with similar sounding
> connectors on it. 

There are a few search hits on Parasytec, but it appears the correct
name for the company was _Parsytec_. Headquartered in Aachen, they built
several different lines of Transputer-based systems between 1985 and
1994, ranging from 10 to (at least in theory) 16,384 processors.

And they did frequently use Sun workstations as host or systems. Here's
the page for the board I was thinking of, the "Parsytec BBK-S4 Adapter
for SBUS Systems"

More reading:

Ram's Transputer pages:


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