SIMH KL10 usage guide? Hints? and

Phil Budne phil at
Thu Sep 30 14:05:12 CDT 2021

> Also trying to figure out how to set switches as in other KA/KL sims.
> I can't seem to find a means of doing that in RC's KL.
    extern uint64  SW;                                   /* Switch register */
    /* Handle secondary protocol */
    void dte_second(UNIT *uptr) {
	case SEC_RDSW:  /* Read switch register */
	     M[SEC_DTSWR + base] = SW;
	     M[SEC_DTF11 + base] = SW;

In kx10_cpu.c
    uint64  SW;                                   /* Switch register */^M
    REG cpu_reg[] = {
        { ORDATAD (SW, SW, 36, "Console SW Register"), REG_FIT},

This seems to work for me:
    $ ./BIN/pdp10-kl
    KL-10 simulator V4.0-0 Current        git commit id: de400c67
    sim> show 
    Too few arguments
    sim> show cpu
    CPU     idle disabled, Serial: 1025 (default)
	    4MW, KL10A
    sim> ex SW
    SW:	000000000000
    sim> dep SW 1  
    sim> ex sw
    SW:	000000000001

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