MD5 list of bitsavers files

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at
Thu Sep 30 12:47:52 CDT 2021

I'm trying to list out the document scans I have and work out which are 
already on bitsavers and which are not (and, indeed, a fair few of these 
are originally from bitsavers anyway). This is probably several thousand 
files total, so searching manx by hand is not an option!

I see that manx lists the MD5 checksum for many files, at least it does 
for those from bitsavers. Is there a publicly available list of URL and 
MD5 checksum? This would make it relatively easy for me to cross check 
my files against the list and whittle down to a subset that I should 
make available.

Alternatively, is the current manx database available anywhere? I know 
the code is on github, but I didn't see the data there. (I do have an 
SQL dump from 2010 when manx changed hands, but that's not recent enough 
to save much).

I could try to do some parsing of bitsavers-filename => DEC-part-number 
and eliminate files that way, but that seems inexact at best. Or I could 
just download the DEC subset of files (spread across the mirrors) but 
that seems a bit antisocial.


Antonio Carlini
antonio at

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