PDP-11/05 Fault?

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Thu Sep 30 10:33:05 CDT 2021

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I see that the PDP-11 architecture handbook doesn't seem to be on 
Do you mean this handbook?
ORDER CODE: EB-23657-18
(from here: http://wwcm.synology.me/scanned.html 
<http://wwcm.synology.me/scanned.html> )
Yes, that's the one.  Excellent reference, it's the only place where 
I've seen that entire large tables (52 entries) of model differences.

The same table is also in EK-DCJ11-UG-PRE_J11ug_Oct83.pdf.  I find the 
latter just a bit easier to read.

That book multiplies like rabbits though. I swear, any time i buy any 
new PDP-11 literature, i somehow end up with another copy. They're not 
that rare (or maybe i'm just lucky)


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